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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 15, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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that i normally it is a delight phenomena aany of units will not be fun tomorrow nor will driving around the real health of the week is tomorrow that's what we've got to get over before we're sailing into the rest of the weekend eventually the weekend as for this morning, you see a lot of cloud cover sitting over head, nice little golden glow from timber on right around the golden gate, some pretty appropriate actually as we make our way through today you're going to notice a lot more cloud cover than we had yesterday yesterday we cleared out really nicely had some sunshine for your tuesday afternoon today it's going to be on the greater side and that will make for a cooler feel as far as temperatures go to. >>now at after all cloud cover today comes the rainfall tomorrow morning this is going to have a big impact on your drive into work 04:00am right here still dry across the day but rainfall working its way to northern sonoma county and descending into the day after that point by 07:30am some heavy rainfall making its way
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right in the midst of your morning commute on into the bay area look at the deep red orange and yellow this is all the stuff you've got to be watching out for and it's not just heavy rain but also some strong winds around this time that will be slowing you down so this is your forewarning planned an extra long commute tomorrow morning leave extra early and just don't stress about it get to work safely to make our way towards 10:00am still holding on to heavy rain in the south bay but starting to see conditions dying down into the afternoon we will be looking at a nicer drive home from work than your drive to work is going to be tomorrow temperatures right now we're in the 30's and 40's that's really the only thing slowing you down as you step outside this morning. >>you're probably 7 back inside to put the extra layer on double in europe, 33 degrees right now in napa petaluma say alina in the low 30's either at or below freezing currently that's a lot colder than yesterday was that this time later today expect cloudier skies temperatures, nice and cool mid to upper 50's keep the jackets ready to go and
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tomorrow keep the umbrellas and hold on tight to because it's going to be windy don't that umbrella role in a way. robin alright. thank you john over to the bay bridge toll plaza in long lines. yes, you have to wait to get in the traffic here is filling through the maze it's on to 5 8580 west now backed up beyond 24 heavy. >>coming from the shore freeway as well but not bad at all on the suspension or the skyway here's across that i to the south it's after 2.38, but it's before you get to a streets or right in the middle and it's really clocking up the commute not only on the nimitz but it's backing you up on to to 38 in one to 38 to slow the backs up on 2, 5, 80 it's a domino effect and that's exactly what's happening now so do get out there early for the nimitz we're almost at 50 minutes to make it from to 38 to 2.37 will check more slow downs coming up daria thanks a lot robin and pg any is warning customers ahead of this big. the storm that we're expecting tomorrow about power outages. they said just be ready just in case because there
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meteorologists. our forecasting a strong one starting tonight. john has been warning us as well about the wind and rain also be. >>amount and snow mix as well. and that means there is a strong potential that the power could get knocked out. here's the last time we had heavy rain and wind in the bay area so expect the same throughout the day on thursday, they say you should have a backup plan which includes of course flashlights. another tip they say turn off your appliances. also we've got tips on our web site so go to kron 4 dot com. and you can see what you need to do to prepare. >>a fire station in union city has been shut down for good and this is leaving residents in the area feeling a bit uneasy. yeah, what about the response times will they be affected. this is a story that we're covering this morning with kron four's will tran live now in union city. >>station 30 is now officially close at 8 o'clock this shutdown because the mayor and
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the city council members did not step in to change the decision to keep this station open and as you can clearly see look at this suv firefighters here are packing up and they're taking their gear to other locations they're not going to be laid off they just going to be transferred. but the nearby community the neighborhoods they will not have as quick of response time in fact at 7 30 this morning 30 minutes before they were officially closed the firefighters actually went on an emergency call that was a woman in the area who needed cpr and the firefighters are saying that's exactly why this fire station is needed because they can quickly respond to emergencies with out this fire station they will have to respond from another fire station closer to downtown union city and of course that will improve or. drastically elongate the response time by
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firefighters and let's face it every second counts his might augustine with the alameda county fire department. now that is close your reaction. i'm sure the neighborhood i even heard some people drive by screaming keep it open. why is it not opened. >>well as the decision made by the people around the city from air the city council. they determined that this fire house was alexi for citizens and it was not needed in their opinion. >>you're a firefighter and you're not a politician, but first walk me through what does every second every minute how does that play out in an emergency. >>well in a situation where you are in a burning house with smoke coming up the stairs to your bedroom. i have no way out. it's hard to breathe you can what it's like when you're waiting for help. in a situation where a mother with a child who may be choking. you can imagine. you know it seems like it's a
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forever it seems like it's taking forever for the fire department to get that one may only be a few minutes if you triple that time a mother waiting for over 10 minutes to have a paramedic on scene to help their their child, i mean it is just going to be horrible for some of the citizen, the mayor and the city council apparently they disagree they believe fire station 3 is not utilize enough and it's not worth the millions of dollars. >>to keep it open which is why they're transferring the firefighters so even as we speak the firefighters throughout the day they will be doing exactly this. >>all right, thanks a lot. >>the other breaking news this morning host of the south bay we have 2 people in the hospital now after a stabbing in san jose police say a woman stabbed him and late last night at a home on wyman way and gilchrist the 2 were in a previous relationship the man was visiting the woman when they got into an argument. the woman will be booked for assault once released from the hospital, the man remains in the icy you any faces domestic
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violence charges. >>a group of homeless mothers and that we showed you yesterday being evicted from a home in oakland, they are still vowing to fight for all of those who can't afford a home in the bay area and here's video yesterday morning of the sheriff's department knocking down the door. >>at this home on magnolia street and taking out the mothers. investment firm wage, what is the one that owns the home and the moms had been there for nearly 2 months before a judge said they had to leave on friday and they didn't so that's when the sheriff's department moved in. now it's all fenced off and boarded up but the mom say they're going to continue to fight for what they cause a human right. >>thank you for supporting this throughout this mold because again it was never about taking over the house the state minimal man was way bigger than that we are stronger as a force and we see that. and those who does stand by as these representatives
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who we've been in office. i think that makes action will be there. >>moms for housing says this is just the beginning they plan to continue meeting outside of that home in oakland and other places around the city to spread their message. >>we're outraged over how those homeless mothers were forced out of that house and that includes oakland mayor libby shaft she says she was actually appalled by the tactics used by deputies to evict the women. >>these are mothers, they're not criminals their mothers that have engaged in what i believe is a courageous act of civil disobedience to really highlight. our housing crisis. i was pretty shocked to see the tactics that were used to take them out of the home. >>the mayor also plotted the women for opening everyone's eyes to the housing crisis there have been dozens of people demonstrating in oakland since november, but things really ramped up in recent days with supporters. >>rallying for homeless mothers. >>a convicted offender and
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fairfield is back in jail after trying to get into someone's. home. any wasn't wearing pants at the time bridget your low has the story. >>the pharaohs have lived in this quite fairfield neighborhood for 20 years, they felt safe here up until last week when a pass was prowler hopped over their fence and into their backyard. he was very shaken up 83 year-old fred farrell was working in his garage when the intruder approached the house where his caregiver and wife who has seal pee dee were both inside he dropped his drawers and moved. >>trying to get her out of sight. >>he says the man then tried to force his way into the home the homeowner says the suspect tried to get in through the sliding door then he tried the dog door i didn't want for him to do anything to my wife for well my hope for ferro says his wife immediately called 911 and help quickly came off
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with a look at the quick there and they're under 2 officers tried to contact individual, but he decided to run their full police officers chased the suspect through the neighborhood when they got to him they discovered the man was a registered offender who had been wanted for violating his parole and had cut off his gps ankle device. i think the big guy. >>there was no kids he's a sick suffering from the community drop to draws. and the what would he do to. to the 2 young person police arrested the suspect now identified as 48 year-old leroy to advance a fairfield and the girls say they're just grateful. he's back where he belongs storm off the street. >>here we put in her son. i just wonder why he was let out of jail. >>the couple plans to testify in court so that that man stays behind bars and doesn't hurt anybody else. >>state lawmakers say that they're one step closer to closing a loophole that benefits drivers under the influence to leave the scene of an accident. the assembly,
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a public safety committee and unanimously passed a bill called gavin's law which is named after a jogger who was hit and killed by a drunk driver back in 2018 that driver spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 33 dui drivers who get caught in a fatal crash face more prison time than those who flee the scene. sober up. and then. face their accusers now this bill aims to close that gap boosting the maximum prison sentence from 4 years to 6. the bills next hurdle will be in the appropriations committee before it lands on the assembly floor for a vote. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the right place at the right time a south bay security guard is being credited for stopping a man who tried to sexually assault a child. and the articles of impeachment against the president are set to go to the senate will have the latest after the break. plus here's a live. look at san mateo bridge lots of sunshine and you have lots of sunshine and you have company fact! coffee stains teeth. unlike ordinary whitening toothpaste,
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>>there were some early questions as to how his personality would play here in the bay area but so far so good however, most importantly niners nick bosa has been dominant on the field and just as much as advertised coming out of college. he was recognized by the pro football writers of america bosso was named rookie of the year by pro football focus is the
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first defensive player to win the pro football writers of america award since 2013 he appeared in all 16 games and registration ice act. he also led the nfl with 25 quarterback hits in his first year in san francisco. he had 47 total tackles 16 tackles for loss which was tied for 5th among all nfl players. he defended 2 passes had to fumble recoveries and he forced a fumble and got the interception what a resume in your first year in his playoff debut last week both had 2 sacks in 6 tackles now we've got you covered with nfc championship content all week long here on kron 4 and our digital platform kron on and make sure you catch our red and gold zone preview specials this saturday, starting at 09:00pm. >>well let's talk about the weather forecast for sunday because last time we checked with john it looks like things are still looking for good are still looking for but still looking good eyes. good as the game you want to we are not to brag but that is your photo
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right to know why this one might even be better weather whether is kind of crazy right because we're talking how bad it is tomorrow then sunday, it's like call the skies clear maybe it's a good fight assign yeah i think it is 49 season by the way just before you bring up the graphic just taking a look at the shot that was from where you are sitting one game has really good view of the pepsi logo it was it was a great game and hopefully this one is going to play out just as smoothly. you can see mostly sunny skies can be expected on into the afternoon on sunday 03:40pm as kickoff time this time around a little bit of good news that kick offs a bit later in the day because you will likely have some morning fog in santa clara. >>to start the day but by 3.40 that will be a piece of the past just mostly sunny skies. now it is later in the day that means temperatures likely to cool off a bit by the end of the game side still bring the layers with you because it could get a little chilly
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towards that 4th quarter now as far as conditions go this morning we are seeing a few clouds pushing in over the bay area today you're going to notice a lot more clouds today than you did yesterday which proved to be quite a sunny day we have showers to our north up in the northern counties right along the oregon border. but the showers are going to move into the bay area until tomorrow at which point you are going to have a tricky morning commute as our heaviest of rainfall is expected to push right into the bay right in the midst of your drive to work this is 08:00am right here. one of our busiest times on the road and you can see yellow orange and even spots of red that's your heaviest of rainfall and it's a company by some pretty strong winds too so anticipate leaving for work extra early tomorrow anticipate backup slower-moving traffic in for good reason you do not want to be rushing in this type of weather we're going to continue to see heavy rainfall on into the latter part of your morning to this is 11:00am still holding on to moderate to heavy showers, especially for the south bay heavy snow up in the sierra nevada and heavy snow and even
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in the bay area when she had above san jose now that snow in the sierra is going to be quite heavy and accompanied by some strong winds that's winter storm warnings, blowing drifting, snow and low visibility is expected do not head up into the air tomorrow i highly recommend again stepped either do so today or do so on friday. these are the best days to be driving into the mountains, you don't want to be caught in a blizzard up there with some very uh heavy snowfall feet of it what you had above 3,000 feet. now temperatures today will be cool rainfall tomorrow will be stacking up over an inch of it in oakland in santa rosa while nearing an inch in some other spots as far as potential of thunderstorms we do see just a slight risk of a few roles the thunder out along the coast tomorrow afternoon. so yes, you get the picture you don't want to plan too much outside on your thursday most other days this week are actually cooperating today albeit cool and cloudy here isn't a bad day mid to upper 50's for some spots a few low 50's out along the coastline. and daytime highs tomorrow are going to be
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cool conditions rainy conditions. windy. so tomorrow is your day to take it easy plan is little travel is possible friday and saturday a few showers here and there but also times of sunshine certainly much better days to be out and about and sunday that is your best day and a great timing because obviously 49 ers game you want the good weather and we will be having it robin all right, thank you john, the good weather and a good game to we want them to win over to other attorney in sandra fell traffic actually looks better already here on west bound 5.80 leading up to the tolls i don't know if it's going to stay put at least for now it's not so bad so only 10 minutes to make it to the north bay. >>we're checking the bay bridge traffic 80 wesson, this is not common improve any time soon it's pretty busy backed up all the way through the maze, especially from the e sure and 5.80 so 10 minutes as your average now, but it just goes up and down throughout your morning drive, here's a trouble spot if you're traveling through palo alto south one oh one at san antonio major accident several cars involved several lanes
8:20 am
blocked here backed up all the way into menlo park for the southbound trip and the northbound was already heavy out of south san jose downtown and sunnyvale now it stays heavy up to the scene because northbound commuters can see the southbound activity so just crawcing in both directions northbound going to be roughly an hour to make it from san jose to menlo park will definitely keep my eyes on that crash 24th decent out of one at creek a 20 minute average to oakland, the nimitz 13 minutes from san jose to milpitas james. >>thank you very much rob and happening today after a month-long delay. speaker nancy pelosi says that today they're going to vote on impeachment resolutions that will move things forward into the next phase and send those articles of impeachment to the senate that just moments ago. speaker pelosi announced the impeachment managers which include barry representative zoe lofgren will be heading up their prosecution of the case in the trial and the senate trial offers christina tate wrote joining us live from the studio with more christina.
8:21 am
>>so if the house actually does pass the articles of impeachment on to the senate today, it's a big step forward in the process and could mean the trial actually begins this week. in addition to voting on moving the articles of impeachment forward. pelosi is also expected to name her impeachment managers. those would be the house democrats that will make the case against president trump in the trial. it's expected to include intelligent committee chairman adam schiff in judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler and maybe even east bay, congressman eric swalwell both of whom had prominent roles in the house impeachment proceedings. meanwhile republicans continue to scrutinize pelosi's decision to withhold the articles from the senate for more than a month. >>the house is likely to finally senate the articles overdose will be able to believe that happened. in all likelihood go through some preliminary steps. >>and this week. >>but some senate democrats
8:22 am
believe the delay has given actually more time to make their case for additional witnesses, especially to moderate senate republicans darya james back to you. >>all right, thank you very much so senate democrats believe that they have the votes to pass powers resolution fact it would limit the president's power to start military action against iran without a green light from congress. >>we believe we'll get 51 votes that is needed to pass and so we work out the timing. we have to figure out how it intersects with impeachment. but we believe that this resolution is the right way to go. it has the support of all 47 democrats and his vote is crucial player. >>to pass the resolution democrats say they won over 4 republican senators including rand paul of kentucky mike lee of utah. the resolution is in response to when president trump ordered the killing of iran's top general which then ratchet tensions between the us and iran. >>it's a 22 still ahead on the
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kron 4 morning news you better live twice before you reach for your car door handle. a scary discovery that woman made. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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america's getting sicker. sick of donald trump, there are one million more uninsured americans every year under trump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will make sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. while capping fees to lower costs. as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousand more people. and championed women's reproductive health. as president, he'll give access to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>welcome back 8.25 on this wednesday morning conditions cooperating today today actually a pretty smooth day as far as flights are concerned even with a little cloud cover sitting aloft. we are having any delays at any of our airports. tomorrow, this is likely to look pretty
8:26 am
different so i hope you're flying out today, if you do have travel plans or at least on friday and not tomorrow if you have plans on heading to the sierra do avoid tomorrow at all costs winter storm warning blowing drifting snow on roadways will not be fun heading up there. many roadways likely even to close down now friday and saturday much better travel conditions. good chance to enjoy the snowfall. after it comes down and roadways have a chance to improve daria. >>thanks a lot 26 and this sounds like some straight out of a horror movie how woman found a razor blades underneath her car door handle pretty scary right. the 4 blades were glued together with the sharp edge facing up and down the woman believes she was targeted randomly because she can't think of anyone who actually want to harm or in that way she says she's glad she reached under the handle gently because the blade could have easily cutter she just grabbed the door hansle action normally does. so no matter if you grab the handle from underneath on top. >>then you're going to get cut by the blades.
8:27 am
>>oh yes, temecula police there say they got this call the following day about a razor placed on the grill of a parked car. they don't believe the incidents are related but obviously something they're going to be really concerned about going forward. >>before the rain comes the 40 niners will be hitting the field early life stadium to prepare for the big championship game coming up
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we're checking out the weather and traffic for your wednesday morning and how now busy and slow major crash on one oh one in palo alto salt check in on that front. >>and today a nice day the last day to really do anything outside before the rain sets and how right today, you can't blame anything that on the weather tomorrow. youwcan blame evers us we said jog and i got some cardboard leaned up and say i got to get rid of that for all its also gets a little easier for the are >>get that cardboard inside you look outside of berkeley this morning conditions, nice and clear but conditions not going to be so clear throughout the rest of the day unlike yesterday which grew increasingly clear today growing increasingly cloudy ahead of tomorrow's rainfall we're still going to remain dry though so today easy drive to work easy drive home to work easy time to get outside get those errands done not so
8:31 am
much tomorrow now let's break down what we're going to see tomorrow because big changes are on the way heavy rainfall right in the midst of your morning commute 04:30am still pretty calm for most of the bay but showers right on our doorstep tomorrow morning at that point heaviest of rain this line very well formed in right in the middle of your morning drive 08:00am right here and orange and red indicating that heaviest of rainfall pushing through a company by some pretty strong winds too towards 10:30am commute as well and down, but you're still looking at some heavy to moderate showers. rainfall does taper off into the afternoon but we are still going to be looking at wet roadways through the day tomorrow and some of our cool stuff. temperatures. tomorrow is just not your data plan a whole lot outside wait until friday or get out there and get stuff done today, 30's and 40's for your current temperatures oakland, san mateo hayward palo alto dublin livermore concord i could keep naming cities but all these areas are in the 30's and a few areas in the north bay actually below freezing like petaluma and saint helene a
8:32 am
nap but you're right at freezing right now it is frigid a lot colder than yesterday was at this time so bundle up this morning don't worry so much about the rainfall today but do anticipate that tomorrow robin all right, thank you john over to the bay bridge back to 80 where the traffic is still crawling from the maze all of your connectors are solid they're going to stay solid for several more hours. so you just need to get out there early. >>car pooling always a solution to saving time if you can for just under 15 minutes to make it and here's the crash that i mentioned still active still blocking in palo alto it's one oh one it's actually on the southbound side which is a counter to direction to south of san antonio, so you have several vehicles involved at least 2 or 3 lanes blocked so that backup going south. >>spilling into menlo park and then the northbound drive getting heavier as well because of the rubber neck or so major delays for both directions of one oh one if you're heading north we're up to 67 minutes to make it from san jose to menlo park james darya. >>thank you very much rob in
8:33 am
the 40 niners back at practice today getting ready for the packers in the nfc championship game set up for sunday, yeah they want the big prize eventually which is the super bowl. but one player on the niners has already got his prize kron 4 sarah stinson is live in front of levi's stadium with more hi sarah. >>what a great boost to confidence we head into this championship game for defensive end nick bosa he has been named rookie of the year and on top of that also defensive rookie of the year 2 amazing titles to be honored with by the pro football writers of america ensure he's feeling pretty excited as he heads into this game, he's been a force for the niners he recorded 9 sacks 25 quarterback hits to lead the league 16 tackles for loss 2 fumble recoveries a forced fumble and an interception and then also last a playoff game in this playoff debut had 2 sacks now we're heading into the championship us and that's what we're on the road to the
8:34 am
super bowl hopefully. the championship game will be at levi's stadium. we still have home field advantage on sunday, the niners will play the green bay packers and what's going to be an intense game, the niners plate aaron rodgers and the packers back in november. if you recall we crushed them, we keep the but you know that doesn't mean that we can just we just have this game in the if you recall the niners offense is on fire that days going 37 points. coach kyle shanahan isn't going to let the team just take take this as we got this going to sleep on the packers in this rematch. he wants to make sure green bay's taken seriously to stop rogers and his wide receivers which we saw when they played the seahawks and beat them they played a great game. take a listen the coach shanahan talk about how the teams doing and what this means for the bay area. >>i do just because it does that's a dozen for me me not just as a coach, but as a fan and of a low when i watched or
8:35 am
years to get for the 2 was here prior to this year. i mean plus me i love sports and all of a sports does for people and so i think any time you have a team that has a chance to be in a situation where and where the worst of them a lot. sports are great and because everyone a break from stuff on those will support your home team, i'm glad that we're giving them something to be proud of the show. >>i love sports 2 i think we can all agree we love the niners unless you're a raiders fan which i met a lot of raiders fans here in santa clara. you know going out trying to interview people here and there and a lot of people saying nama raiders fan, but the niners fans they're feeling good feeling amped i talked to one woman who says yeah the packers are going to be a tough team to beat. but she has confidence in our 40 niners that they can make it to the super bowl the championship game is at levi stadium on sunday at 3.30 and it is sold out so a person 49
8:36 am
ers ever played in changing game at levi's stadium completely sold out now that is another boost of confidence to the team to get it done so we can head to miami for the super bowl for now on live at levi stadium sarah stinson kron 4 news today things look sarah. >>excitement is at 11. of this still c-level. the oklahoma of course an absolutely and we're going to get even higher than that because don't forget to read my gold zone will have a preview of what you can expect the game on sunday a special airing saturday night at 09:00pm game of course we'll ha highlights will recap the win. is what we're off the air universe. >>and they had their own sensational first year star running back josh jacobs is named offensive rookie of the year. he was picked in the first round out of alabama russia with a lot of eyes the raiders had 7 touchdowns to lead all rookies and he is the
8:37 am
first raiders rookie of the year since marcus allen. back in 1982. but said the raiders are a racing everything that is oakland look around here. >>the city it looks so i just it makes me there's the before don't like sore showing the before and we all know that they get to see what was there. but that's gone in there on the vegas, obviously they can't get out of here fast enough for all right back to a more news, let's head to the south bay now a security guard be credited with stopping a assault. the whole thing happened on a strip mall near east capitol expressway monday. >>it was during the afternoon police say it involved a man who had been hired to drive a 13 year-old girl home from school in san jose where the guard noticed that the car they were in was parked in a remote spot behind them all and was he walked closer he realized something didn't quite feel right. >>i knew something was wrong i definitely something was wrong. i did see things i should have. i'm a father, i'm
8:38 am
the victim but some of her friends home from school and he did drive the other's home, but when it came to the victim. he decided to park behind that mall but that well security guard was there and stop it. >>and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news more than a dozen students ran for their lives from the severe weather wall in the gym. what happened coming up and the top democratic presidential candidates square off in the final debate before the first primary contest in iowa. no love lost between the couple left. coffee before your 8 a.m.
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made with a delicious blend of grains. 80 square mile ran she is up for sale in livermore and maybe it will be turned into a state park yeah that's the thinking the property is already home to a bunch of elk and deer and hundreds of species of migrating birds and so now. >>now it's up on the market first time in 85 years that the owners decided to sell. bay area lawmakers have been pushing governor newsom to have california by up that landed preserve it as a park. now the governor wants legislative leaders to dedicate about $20 million to new public parkland but he hasn't said specifically which plot of land he'd like to turn into a parts of the can expos and fretting up 80 miles square miles that's a lot of property in the bay area. yeah right out of that's a lot of
8:42 am
money like maybe your house in a little patch of what a quarter acre. >>8.41 and as we head to break, let's take a peek at sfo. if you're headed for greener pastures it looks like delays for the clear. ok so
8:43 am
8:44 am
check this we've got some video of what's called a microburst that blew out a wall and part. >>of the roof of this school in north carolina look at that
8:45 am
of warning about that well as they were just they ran out of the way just in time to capture they heard the creaking and all of the rattling of the wind now microburst it's basically a column of sinking air that comes down really rapidly and it will blow out and as you can see here the walls of even big buildings. engineers dean, the rest the school safe enough for kids to go back to class which i'm sure they would. i'm bummed out about ok so we go back to the mike over say i'm so what so it's not a it's not spinning like a tornado know is just an area of asked to call the gun down where downward yeah, it just hits the ground then goes out sideways in all directions and it's that wall happen to be right where that microburst occurred then that's going to be big push of enough john he's really the expert in all of us calendar really microburst they happen a lot in the vicinity of thunderstorms to get upward and downward movement of air and that's just a plunge of air down or just as james said. >>and it can hit one certain spy unfortunately we're here's
8:46 am
another the end they were able to run the media is saw that whole side of the wall going crazy and then they just bolted for the other end of the room i think i think we're going to go actually to traffic first is that what's happening down ok where does that take a was so i mean that could be your forecast hopefully that does not happen tomorrow though we do have our own stormy weather just around the corner though you have some low cloud cover sitting across the bay right now has an interrupted your travel in fact, the golden gate bridge is really sitting pretty nice under these clouds that are sitting right above the golden gate conditions, nice and calm for the day today so today a day to get some errands done get some stuff done that you maybe had planned tomorrow because tomorrow don't plan a whole lot we've got a big storm system heading our direction that's going to result in strong winds not that strong and some heavy rains that actually could slow you down very significantly as we make our way into tomorrow afternoon tomorrow morning. i mean it's your morning commute that's really going to be
8:47 am
impacted here. this is 05:30am yellow orange and red your heaviest of rainfall and look at this well-formed line of showers just pushing right through the day in the midst of your morning commute right here so this is going to have a big impact real slow you down from wet roads also some very strong winds so bridge travel is going to be impacted too. definitely a morning to give yourself extra time as you get to work this is just rough or warning right here. tomorrow morning is going to take a little while and it's right in the middle of your morning commute that the storm rolls through 11:15am you see the second round of increase rainfall pushing through that's going to be right around noon hour. so he even your noontime lunch walk to lunch, you're going want to hold on to the umbrellas extra tight because the company by that rain is that wind don't want the umbrella getting tossed around in the street as we make our way into the afternoon a few isolated showers remain interspersed by times of sunshine so generally improving conditions tomorrow afternoon after what will be such a wet drive to work and tomorrow is especially not your day to drive up into the
8:48 am
sierra strong winds and heavy snow means blowing snow drifting, snow and low visibility. winter storm warnings taking effect tomorrow all you have to do is head up to 3,000 feet above and there's your snow fall and we're talking feet of it at the crest of the sierra as far as rainfall goes in the day we're talking around an inch of in some spots if not just a little bit below that a lot of rain to be talking about a short period of time. it's going to leave roadways wet and tomorrow afternoon with the appearance of some sunshine. the a chance of a thunderstorm does looks lights right along the coast in the north bay something to keep in mind even as conditions to cop to do calm down into the afternoon daytime highs today will rise into the low to mid-fifties across the bay it will be a cool one so keep the jackets on hand all through the day today much like yesterday temperatures are still in the 50's but unlike yesterday uh not only getting all that sunshine. so it's not going to feel quite as comfortable san jose and santa clara each 57 for your highs east bay temperatures right at 54 degrees berkeley, 53 well
8:49 am
orinda at 52 sonoma napa fairfield 53 for your high temperatures while santa rosa and avato each at 53, here's a look ahead at your next 7 days tomorrow is the problem day friday and saturday much better a few showers can't be ruled out though, and then sunday, a great one for the game in santa clara rob. thank you john some early clearing here at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza it looks great. >>on 5.80 west leading up to the pay gates we started off with a lot of heavy traffic way back from return parkway that's gone so look at that nice trip through the tolls 8 minutes for you to make it to the north bay with no big trouble spots that you need to worry about earlier we had a little bit of trouble spot right before return parkway and then that one cleared so if you want to leave now traffic is definitely thinned out and it looks a whole lot better for west bound 5.80 leading up to the tolls even when you make it through the pay gates, it's going to be a great trip heading across the span over to the bay bridge for checking 80 west into san francisco. your backup
8:50 am
continues to spill into the maze. we've had no major issues but still lots of crowding here some 13 minutes to make it in an accident one on south san antonio still working 2 lanes blocked southbound you're backed up into menlo park northbound at backup is growing because they can see the crash 70 minutes from san jose to menlo park back to you all right, thank you very much rob and all eyes on des moines last night as 6 of the democratic candidates took the stage just lisa has not so there was this contentious point of the debate both bernie sanders and elizabeth warren county went back and forth on whether or not. >>bernie sanders in a meeting 2 years ago actually told her that he didn't think a woman could win the presidency. he says he never said that she says she definitely remembers. >>and disagreed with him vehemently and then of course after the debate. she approached him he extended his hand and she refused to shake it so that's kind of the buzz people are talking about this morning. well they are fighting to be nominee so dry that's the way it goes covers christina teacher joins us now
8:51 am
with more. >>so that was definitely you know the main center appoint something causing all of the headlines but that wasn't the only tense exchange between the candidates last night it was clear the candidates knew this was the last chance for them to appeal to voters. >>ahead of the iowa caucuses. senator sanders and warren clashed on policy and electability in week of reports of sanders saying a woman could not be president trump. a claim sanders denies ever saying. >>how could anybody in a million years, not believe that a woman could become president of the united states. what did you think when senator sanders sanders told you a woman could not win the election. i disagreed. >>meanwhile mayor people to judge and senator amy klobuchar are denied their efforts to try and appeal to more moderate voters both seeing the path to the nomination. they're focusing on center us voters while san francisco billionaire tom stier continue to position his appeal as an outsider.
8:52 am
>>it's going to take a view to the future as well as the readiness to learn from the lessons of the past when it comes to iraq right now i would leave our troops there as time from someone from the outside of a strategic view about what we're trying to do and how to do it. >>but the candidates did push their policies and try to appeal to voters on the key issues across the board of course of course though the health care the economy and foreign policy. >>predictable from the day he was pulled out of the agreement trump. what exactly what happened where now isolated every other major country on earth is guaranteeing health care for all the time is long overdue what you want in a president is someone who has dealt with these life and death issues and who has made decision this new trade deal is a modest improvement senator sanders himself has said so. >>new poll numbers since debate have not yet been released, but according to the latest polls of iowa released monday senator sanders is still leading with 18%
8:53 am
followed by mera peak at 17 and senator warren with 15%. but we will have to wait and see how last night's debate swayed voters the why the iowa caucus is monday february 3rd guy james. >>all right. thank you will see how the votes come down, thanks very much. christine and here's a live look outside of the golden gate bridge where the skies are nice and blue little bit of cloud cover off in the distance but all in
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>>welcome back 8.55 on this wednesday morning you can see outside right here that we do have some low lying cloud cover sitting above the golden gate, but we've actually had some pretty good driving conditions. this morning fog hasn't really pose too much of impact on your visibility now as far as an app is concerned you're still hanging out at freezing the biggest story today is just how chilly it is out there a lot of us still in the 30's that includes livermore hayward redwood city. >>palo alto antioch just to name a few spots that are definitely still starting off this morning on the chilly side and that is something that we're going to see tomorrow to today is chilly and dry. but tomorrow we're going to add in some rainfall to these cold temperatures, plotting it out do expect heavy rain at times during your morning commute tomorrow. this morning has cooperated besides how cold it is tomorrow morning plan for the cold the rain and some windy conditions definitely not your
8:57 am
day to be spending too much time outside stay with us plenty z3pgqz z1ncz
8:58 am
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so check to see how much you could save. it only takes 5 minutes. the last day to enroll is january 31st. so get covered today. >>and thanks for joining us for the finest hour it's not going to get better than this that tomorrow, no variable so you will find out from john why tomorrow's going to be such a pain to get through but first mia commute out there
9:00 am
anything big one a one in palo alto it's been a tough commute. we had a multi vehicle accident blocking several lanes it clear but traffic does not want to recover. right so let's talk about the timing of the rain wins it can start to unfortunately right as you're heading to work tomorrow, not as we're heading to work everyone else though not so yeah you're going to be looking at clear skies today at least to start this morning stepping outside right now the view from snow is not bad at all. >>at the same time tomorrow, the rain is going to be pouring some of our heaviest of rainfall. yeah, right as you're taking to the roads trying to get to work and it's not going to be such a smooth sailing like has been today tomorrow as for skies overhead still on the clear side of things you're going to notice a gradual increase in cloud cover on into the afternoon ahead of us that leads us into tomorrow morning with this heavy rainfall. it's a very defined line of showers that is going to make its way into the north bay at 05:00am for early risers after that


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